Our Philosophy

Prime8 International’s philosophy encourages environmental understanding and awareness, promotes sensible environmental business and lifestyle practices and educates tomorrows adults through a multitude of interactive educational formats. Prime8 encourages environmental focus in people of all ages. Prime8 use simple fact-based learning as a benchmark for environmental excellence for adoption by businesses to thrive in harmony. This promotes improvement of human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

By ‘protecting our tomorrows’ we can ensure successful business and a thriving planet.

Digital Impact

Our “digital” products and games promote environmental awareness with potential for real world application of the knowledge gained through gamification. Our adventure games - The prologue and Primasia : Chapter One have at their core embraced the benefits of e-learning to shape the gameplay. The digital impact has long been felt and embraced but now Prime8 are showing that its possible to go further and faster using providing real world knowledge and enhancing learning through gameplay. The benefit of the blended play and learning approach can improve knowledge retention, encourage individual learning whilst the gameplay itself teaches the player the benefit of collaboration and what can truly be achieved as part of a team, recognising and using different skillsets to achieve more.

Business in balance

At Prime8 International we believe and advocate that successful businesses should raise awareness across their total supply chain to improve the impact on the environment. With a little thought, and in alignment with the environmental education standard, consumer choice will lead to this this a necessity rather than nice to have. Environmental credentials like the Food Standards agency nutritional traffic light system in the UK should be broadened to inform customer choice and in turn enhance product sales.

Prime8 International have long advocated and encouraged businesses of any size to consider their entire ‘supply chain’ and the environmental impact that the chain contains. Transparency of a product’s environmental credentials are paramount to allowing genuine consumer choice on all levels. Food standards currently embrace a nutritional traffic light system – the expansion of which will envelop the entire manufactural process and thus provide suitable customer choice, kudos of sale and beneficial product retention.

Here at Prime8 International we encourage and support steps being taken towards better environmental practices and are happy to showcase the efforts individual businesses make and their contributions to a brighter, protected tomorrow. If you would like us to share your message, please contact us. To access all our current promotional messages click through to our Connecting our tomorrows page. Together, a little thought can go a long way.

Prime8 encourage and support all efforts taken towards improved environmental practice and are delighted to highlight actions undertaken and contributed by business in their determination to protect future environmental well-being. If you would like us to share your own belief and supporting message, please get in touch. All promotional messages to date can be viewed in our ‘Connecting our Tomorrows’ section. In partnership together, beneficial thought will empower change to improve our planet’s future.

8 Reasons

  1. Water Conservation : Water is life’s most precious commodity which must be respected, preserved and conserved.
  2. Conservation and Biodiversity : Conservation, Biodiversity and managing the impact of humans are paramount to a healthy planet.
  3. Litter and Packaging : Elimination of unnecessary packing, adoption of environmentally friendly packaging and the encouraging reduction of litter is an attainable goal for every commercial enterprise
  4. Wildlife and Rainforests : Driving a fundamental shift towards sustainable conservation of wildlife and rainforests is a global responsibility
  5. Healthy Seas, Oceans and Waterways : Protecting all our water sources the Seas and Oceans is vital to preserving not only the life they contain, but all life on the planet.
  6. Pollution Reduction : Pollution reduction wherever possible by individuals, companies and governments.
  7. Exercise and Diet : Promoting healthy exercise and a better diet as the (key to a healthy life) essential way to live.
  8. Recycling : Product lifecycle should be at the forefront for all products manufactured, embracing ethical and ecological materials, healthy transportation to market and end of life recycling capacity. Recycling should be the foremost thought for every product as well as the materials and journey of its creation.

stewart true

commercial director

"I have long thought that there must be a way for corporation and economies to thrive whilst nurturing the planet we live on. Prime8 looks to provide the foundations of that balance, without seeking to undermine or vilify corporations or governments for it is together we all will succeed. Through education and endorsement - a future that is economically viable and ecologically sustainable needn't be a sacrifice, but the logical and sensible choice."



"I Started working life as qualified provider of IT coding development after having studied overseas in the UK. having later practiced my work interest in Sri Lanka and now working with Prime8 in Europe, I am excited that my skills and interest can really make a difference to those that are only just entering the education system."

jon goss


"'Protecting our tomorrows' is essential for future generation to enjoy what we, their ancestors, currently so often take for granted."

steve holt

managing director

"There are many who would bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the tricky issues of our planet! I have never buried my head, so I am now looking to promote a positive attitudinal change through our future generations."

ellis holt

education & infrastructure director

"I'm an advocate of meaningful education, demonstrating how we can use what we learn to make a difference in the world around us. Together we can develop the next generation of change leaders who can help save our wonderful planet."

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