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Prime8 County Councils

County Councils

Strong partnerships have been forged with various County Councils and London Boroughs. These included use of the wide range of Prime8 written, performed and website-driven material.

Prime8 School Activites

School Activities

Puppet roadshows, writing competitions, art competitions and much more, as we now lead the way into internet based educational platforms that will surely drive tuition methods into the next decade and beyond.

Prime8 Innovative Product Creation

Innovative Product Creation

Eco-friendly product manufacture and creation of degradable packaging methods and routines. Gift ideas using ‘recycled at source’ products on site for zoos and parks alike.

Prime8 Game Software Creation

Game Software Creation

Eco-adventure gaming experience for Primary School aged children; allowing them to explore the world, undertake environmental challenges and therefore understand the environmental crafting skills necessary to make Prime8 Island the ultimate Eco-location on the planet!

Prime8 Composting Programs

Composting Programs

Our largest composting promotion project to date was with the Zoological Society of London in conjunction with Whipsnade Zoo. Elephant and rhino dung was utilized in the manufacture of our Junglepoo which was sold successfully to National Parks and Gardens.

Prime8 Environmental Campaigns

Environmental Campaigns

Using our strong network of friends, Prime8 has a comprehensive selection of topics that it will address on a monthly basis.


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International representation based in Sri Lanka.
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