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If you would like to get in touch for any reason, for more information, to partner with us, or to leave some feedback, please use the form below and we will get right back to you.

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How can I support Prime8?

A little like Kickstarter and other crowdfunding entities we welcome those that would like to help make a difference to the quality and content our software offers. This can be individually tailored to suit an individual’s financial commitment and desire to be part of the long-term process. If you have personal interest why not email us with your proposal – you can use the contact form to your left.

Corporate Entity Support

Episode Sponsorship

Individual episode adventures can be created as a sideline to the main story structure, lasting up to 10 minutes of gameplay. Do you have a product you wish to promote and can provide an environmental creditability statement to support it?

Campaign Sponsorship

Entire campaigns can be created to become part of the overall storyline and game structure so that they become an integral part of the game landscape for all time whenever it is played by new users. Do you have a campaign with environmental creditability?

Licensing Arrangements

Whilst Prime8 will always retain rights to its creations in whatever field or trademark class they appear we always welcome agreements for like-minded corporate entities that may wish to use them subject to license in order to promote their wares to mutual benefit. All funds received by Prime8 are utilised to promote and create further software gaming development in the years ahead – so we all stand to gain! If you would like to discuss a particular arrangement, use the form on your left to contact us. We would love to hear form you.

I would like to offer feedback.

Feedback is always welcome. If you have a particular view or suggestion for our Prime8 team or would perhaps like to demonstrate an idea for inclusion in our activities there’s a handy form just there on our left, drop us a line, we love to hear ideas and suggestions about how we can be better.

How do Prime8 store their data?

Data collection is purely non-person specific. No data retained by us contains personal information, it is simply to enable an accurate correlation of factual information linked to geographical location wherever that player may be. We retain this information on our own mainframe infrastructure which is supported by the Prime8 iCloud.

Have a specific Question?

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