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Prime8 International Amanda PandaAt Prime8 we pride ourselves on innovative ways to bring better environmental practice to children and other family members in a fun and engaging way. We provide schools with engaging resources to teach children to embrace the world around them.

Prime8 Anthem

Prime8 Anthem MusicFor Want of Something Better”, performed by the Prime8 team, was developed specifically to introduce the characters to their audience as we lead up to the release of the Prime8 3D computer game alpha build located on Prime8 Island, in Summer 2017.

Prime8 Characters

Prime8 CharactersThe life of the Prime8 characters from Spring 2018 commences on Prime8 Island – the largest land mass in Primasia, the 8th continent of the world. The characters live on and work from the island and will be able to explore Primasia as the game develops.

Eco-Schools England

Prime8 are delighted to be supporters of Eco-Schools England, through whom we will make our pilot software available to their selection of schools across the country. This will allow accurate correlation of feedback and enable precise creativity as we move towards our ever-developing landscape that is Primasia.

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